Rock of Faith Community Development Corporation (ROFCDC) envisions a healthy, thriving South of Main Street community filled with successful, upwardly mobile individuals and families who have chosen to make this central city neighborhood their home.

To that end, ROFCDC:                                                                                                        

  • Strengthens the neighborhood
  • Creates opportunities for profitable commerce
  • Enhances the variety and quality of housing stock
  • Facilitates full employment for residents in high-quality jobs
  • Supports the fullest development of human potential including the support of local schools
  • Identifies and develops catalytic sites to spur additional private investment


  • To improve the quality of life within the South of Main Street Business District and residential community through constructive partnerships which promote revitalization 
  • To improve the quality of life in the Near Eastside Area surrounding the South of Main Street Business District and residential community through a collaborative, win-win process. 
  • To focus on economic development, housing, human services and safety concerns within the South of Main Street community.


  • Economic Development
  • Retain existing businesses and attract new businesses and jobsĀ 
  • Create a stable, secure housing/business environment, enhancing the image of the community


  • Revitalize and improveĀ housing
  • Encourage and promote home ownership
  • Provide a greater choice of housing
  • Promote historical preservation

Human Services:

  • Enhance and create educational and job training opportunities for the neediest
  • Promote comprehensive health services which fall outside the current healthcare system
  • Promote resident self-empowerment/fulfillment to help them achieve their potential


  • Promote and create a safe and clean living environment.
  • Involve residents in violence reduction and crime prevention efforts.
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